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    The “Laamb”

    Traditional wrestling, also known as “Laamb” in Wolof, is a centuries-old sport in Sénégal. In terms of form, it is very similar to the Greco-Roman style of wrestling; however,it’s way before and it is very typical of traditional, one of the first African wrestling.

    There are two forms of Laamb: the first allows the wrestlers to strike each other with their bare hands, which can be painful; the second is more acrobatic, and hitting is not permitted. When a wrestler’s back touches the ground, the bout is over; he has lost.
    Laamb is as much a spiritual activity as it is physical; and wrestlers engage in various rites and rituals preparatory to fighting. No wrestler, regardless of his strength, physical, or technical abilities, will ever dare to enter the ring, much less fight, without his “marabout” or without participating in his own pre-match ceremony.

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    Damn. Id?

    Shredded motivation

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    By Alexis Stevens

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

    They’re making history as an all-black Little League team, representing Chicago’s south side for the first time in 31 years. Jackie Robinson West is proving there is still interest in baseball in urban America, even though…

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    CT Fletcher is my idol


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    Real men do yoga!



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    Good morning #fitfam I just killed a fasted cardio session with my little buddy Niko. Today was his first attempt at running a mile, and he did great job keeping up. Now it’s my turn to grind out an additional 2 miles, followed by some core work before hitting the beach with my family. No limits guys, gotta keep on pushing no matter what. Your goals can happen if you keep moving towards them, so let’s keep it moving.

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    Training for the darkest hour starts at the youngest hour. Preparation is the journey of life itself

    Blocking those strikes…if they had intent… would be devastating for your arms.

    Train our heroes while they are young. 

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    GLORY 11: Raymond Daniels vs. Brian Foster

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    Perfecting the basics with focused repetition will get you far. 

    Check out some of my tutorials on how to properly throw the basic Muay Thai techniques »> http://ow.ly/zl2RE

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    Good morning #fitfam just finished another successful fasted cardio session, my usual 40 minutes on the stairmaster with 700 calories burned. I so appreciate the benefits of my morning cardio sessions, from the oxygen consumption to the continuous GAINZ toward muscle definition. It’s definitely a struggle especially since is a Monday but the hard work is paying off. Take the time to invest in yourself, yes you will be sore but your body will eventually thank you for it and you will notice the difference in everything that you do

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    Good morning #fitfam no early morning fast cardio today. I’m just siting here enjoying this delicious Fiji apple lol. Loads of nutrition and natural sugars to help get me going. 25g of sugar and 34g of carbohydrates In a 8oz apple, I’m with it. Now I’m off to walk my dog before I go kill this leg work out. Hope you guys have a good and productive morning

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    GLORY 12: Andy Ristie vs. Robin Van Roosmalen

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